Delusions of Competency

The very first blog post here, and one that gives some context for this site.

Alexandra Kitty

Canadian journalism is in need of an intervention, and it is long overdue.

It was never good industry. Media concentration was always appalling. Nepotism, pittance salary for reporters, and sexual harassment were always big, but secret problems that very few in the business would actually openly admit.

I worked in the profession from the time I was twenty until a few years ago when I was finished with my own project: working as a journalist so I could write about the problems in the profession, and not just in Canada.

That book became Don’t Believe It!: How lies become news.

I had one enormous advantage: I wrote stories about the Canadian newspaper industry for Presstime magazine, a publication that was published by the Newspaper Association of America. I was a Canadian correspondent for them in a real way, and it was probably the most exciting gig I had.


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