Facebook to Journalism: Don’t hit yourselves on the way out.

Oh, the panic from media outlets that Facebook has figured out they do not need journalism.


Journalism has been Facebook’s kryptonite in many ways, giving the feel-good big brothers headaches.


From the Left’s temper tantrums about how “fake news” cost Hillary Clinton her presidency to journalism’s declining relevance in the world to even all the silly stories that came up on the Trending News section when algorithms took over human editors, Facebook took a hard look and saw the writing on the wall.

That people do not use social media to get informed. They use it brag, gloat, and rant as they tell other people how to think.

It is not an academic hall or a marketplace of ideas. It is a street corner where people where people can plaster telephone poles with propaganda posters before finding some book to thump and preach.

It is a soapbox, and with all soapboxes, facts ruin the experience of the person preaching on it.

Facebook never got journalism because it was never made for it. Journalism never got Facebook because it was never created with the Internet in mind.

And while Facebook can easily go on without journalism, those in journalism now wonder how much damage this move will make.

Sadly, there has already been too much damage done. It is time to finally come to grips with it and create something new.

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