In social media we don’t trust? Or is the problem a bigger one?

The Times has an interesting article about how trust in social media has gone down thanks to “fake news.”


Social media companies have not been responsible when it comes to information, but then again, they were not created to be news outlets or vehicles.

They just became a “one-stop” destination for all your pointing and clicking needs, just like Walmart.

So now that we have had bad information break-outs the way grocery stories have E. coli  break-outs, people have become paranoid.

If we had more stringent criteria and methods for information verification, social media, and journalism, wouldn’t be in this mess.

The four media have the same underlying problem: their checks for finding information are not as robust as they need to be.

When the public loses trust in every medium, we have a serious problem.

And we have a serious problem right now.

But people like me — how have experience, have done extensive research, and have not only outlined problems and advocate for change as well as have a plan for solutions, don’t get taken seriously.

But you have someone name a baby Chicago, and the press flocks to them.

There should be no question why information providers are in the hot mess they find themselves…

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