Memo to Journalism is dead and it needs more than just “inspiration” to bring it back. Paranoid Pollyannas do not make good news producers.

This is a perfect piece of denial.


We’re still alive!

We just need some inspiration.

Which is another word for “we need to steal somebody else’s idea, and then run with it without so much as giving credit, let alone financial renumeration.”

That ship has sailed a long time ago.

Journalists are like Nicole Kidman’s character in The Others.

They have no idea how irrelevant they have become.

And the CBC has a Pollyanna-esque article that states that local news is worth paying for.

Not in its current form.

People have lost confidence in the news, and to quote my 1998 self:

…the press will find itself becoming increasingly irrelevant and isolated from society. And if reporters lose credibility and acceptance—they’ve lost everything.

If reporters aren’t being naive, they are being paranoid, and neither trait makes a good journalist, but put together, and it is a recipe for destroying an industry.

The model is broken beyond repair.

It is archaic given how technology has altered the way we think and expect.

And journalists have no idea what has happened.

They are waiting for the calvary to arrive to rescue them.

They aren’t coming.

Deal with it.



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