The Richmond Times-Dispatch is losing jobs, and charging more to readers for it. The blood-letting runs amok.

Lots of make-pretend that journalism has never been stronger and is in a Golden Age, but the Richmond Times-Dispatch is cutting employees lose as they increase the price of their newspaper.


With online-only publications such as Vox letting workers go, journalism is losing ground at a rate the profession has never witnessed before, particularly when the rest of the country is seeing signs of economic life, and have money to spend on advertising and buying newspapers and magazines — print or digital.

It’s not happening.

Not on a local level, and not on a national level.

The Great Web Migration didn’t happen, not for legacy traditional outlets with a history and established readership, and not for brash online upstarts/start-ups, either.

The biggest new story of this decade is the death of journalism.

But as long as we have outlets in extreme denial, it is a story that is being buried under its own corpse.

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