Memo to Open Democracy: Kindly do your research before you vent. You want to know where are the feminist investigative journalists who challenged the Patriarchy? What about me?

Alexandra Kitty

This is the article in question.


This headline was particularly galling:

Where are the investigative journalists challenging patriarchy?

Yoo hoo! Ladies! I am right here!

I have been challenging patriarchy for over twenty years.

Where were you when I was doing that? Supporting Bill Clinton, perhaps?

You had another question:

So where is the feminist Intercept?

I had a news site of my own in 2007 called Chaser News. It had a budget of zero. No investors, and I was on my own. I did stories out in the open; so that readers could see how news was created. I tackled things from women being imprisoned for no good reason to a missing woman who was out there and caught on camera during a rally, but police weren’t all that keen on finding her, despite her family’s pleas. I showed how abused women were ignored and exploited back then.

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