Manufactured Dissent: Facebook is more powerful than governments and media combined. So naturally, vested interests want to regain their paper crowns. Yes, children, the Sucker Circus is in town.

Jealous vested interests are after Facebook. The press who used to have that kind of power, and governments who do not like to be challenged.

The coverage has been skewed with Jabberwocky-esque propaganda — as if governments never collected information about people — and their institutions haven’t been careless about it.

Such as hospitals in Ontario who have left boxes of personal information out on the streets for anyone to take and use.

This is war, kids. Your data is the battleground. Your thoughts are the spoils. Facebook doesn’t know what hit it, but if they had a clue, they could easily leak a lot of fascinating tidbits about the people squawking the loudest.

Journalists are trying to discredit the institutions that have replaced them, of course. It makes their coverage propaganda. Governments feel threatened, too. It will be interesting to see if other social media sites get a clue and take advantage of the chaos to position themselves to gain control, most likely, that is already happening. The chaos makes it ripe to change the landscape — and as usual, journalists are too vested in their hatred to see that obvious, but make no mistake: the sucker circus is in town and the clown journalists are out in full force to amuse the critical thinkers with their transparent antics…

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