Denver Post is begging alienated readers to save them from themselves. You collapsed for a reason.

The Denver Post is begging to be saved by the very readers they turned off over the years, even going so far as using phrases such as “as vultures circle.”

Many people you slammed in your pages think the same way of you.

People stopped reading your paper for a reason. It has nothing to do with Trump or Facebook or Russia. It has to do with treating those readers with contempt while never improving your product in a way that connects to readers.

Newspapers ignored youth for decades, assuming they don’t read. They ignored women and people who were not born white. Poor people were beneath them, too.

You let it slide for this long, and now you think of wanting to be saved?

You should have thought about it long before that.

We need facts, absolutely. We need information, not narrative. We needed to know all sorts of things, but got Kardashian backsides and the romantic life of celebrities.

It curried favour with tyrants. It turned grifters into Great Men. People couldn’t make ends meet — if they had information they could use — they could begin to turn their fortunes around.

That’s what happened. People became disillusioned, and then walked away.

We need to be informed, but the Post is not going to do it. It is too busy lobbying to see what went wrong.

But it doesn’t mean it cannot be replaced with something new — and something that has respect for readers, and not issue orders to them demanding for them to save them…

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