CTV Vancouver fires their news anchors. Cue in the younger models…

Mike Killeen and Tamara Taggart are out at CTV Vancouver.

It is unusual for a network to just oust an anchor team without the heir apparent already lined up, but Vancouver, like other Canadian cities, have seen its media get pummelled.

They’ve been at the helm since 2011. Unceremoniously dumping the old guard usually brings in temporary ill-will with viewers, but with television, attention spans are very short.

Their replacements will be younger — and a lot cheaper to keep in place. I also suspect a more casual structure that is less authoritative (read: more replaceable; ergo, cannot make big salary demands because they are the draw).

The problem is that old guard aren’t retaining audiences anymore. But the bigger problem is that young and diverse faces aren’t stopping the erosion, either. It is the latter shift that is puzzling on the surface, but the when you have an antiquated structure and inadequate methods: it doesn’t matter who is the face of the story: if their methods are deficient, there is no connect or trust. You can have a radical change on the surface, but still make no change at the core.

And nothing has changed. No innovation or true changes, and when you do not change, you are doomed to first stagnate before you decay into oblivion…

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