In an Age of Propaganda, everyone is a fascist.

Yes, you are a fascist.


And you, too.


The Age of Propaganda created a political sphere of a dysfunctional married couple whose fights are reduced to victory being who gets the last f-you.

There is no progression. There is no resolution, let alone negotiation. Both sides intellectually and emotionally degrade at the exact same rate as the other.

Because an Age of Propaganda masks the fear and the frustration.

And both come from the lack of facts and knowledge.

That is the precise moment when you realize journalism has actually collapsed.

This is an age where supposedly “influential media” types drool over the lawyer of a porn drudge.

There is no more influence because everyone is deemed to be a fascist.

And you cannot morally get through to a fascist.

It becomes a wall that is built by both sides of a linear divide willingly.

And it is not impressive to denigrate a term.

We have people labelling others a fascist who have no idea what the term actually means.

They have no idea that real fascists had concentration camps for children.

It becomes a childish game of silly conspiracy theories and petty pseudo-righteousness.

And none of it is rational because rationality is seen as a horrible quality.

When we become primed to believe propaganda over logic, we can no longer tell a lie from a truth.

That is journalism’s greatest failure and shame: that they never studied the mechanisms of propaganda to prevent it into creeping into their product.

Instead, they chose to air propaganda instead of facts.

And lost their sense of reality.

It is the reason an alternative is needed: to restore sensibility and kindness as well as tolerance and intelligence.

Because when everyone is deemed a fascist, there can be no trust or sense of perspective.

There are real fascists who are ignored so we can traumatize and demonize people who have different life requirements than we do.

Ideological bigotry is the hallmark of propaganda.

And we are there right now, and it is time to challenge it without stooping to its methods to open up new paths that actually take us to productive and meaningful places…

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