Seattle Post-Intelligencer to cut one third of editorial jobs because, you know, it’s journalism.

And no, it is not the same owners of the Denver Post, and no, it’s not the stupidly named Tronc.


It’s a Hearst property, and the Seattle Post-Intelligencer is blood-letting.

It isn’t even a shadow of its former self.


It was once a very good newspaper, and one I used to read voraciously when I got my hands on it before the Internet made the hunt unnecessary.

It also had its entire archives online for free at one point, and when I was writing my first book, I used those archives a lot for research on hoaxes making news in addition to my local library’s online databases (which have been gutted since then), as well as many paid databases, but it was the P-I that made my research much, much easier back then as I needed to refer to thousands of articles to do my book justice.

The P-I’s fortunes shattered, however, and now we are seeing how badly journalism collapsed. You may have knuckleheads in the profession in denial that their profession is dead, but one look at the P-I’s fortunes, and the reality of the situation is obvious…

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