The Competition Bureau pays a little visit to Postmedia and Torstar…

This visit is not a common occurrence. As in, unprecedented. The massive newspaper swap late last year raised eyebrows, but usually, despite the high media concentration going on in Canada for decades, the Bureau usually doesn’t pay attention (Toronto Star has finally made a mention of it, but both the Star and the National Post relied on the Canadian Press article here).


But this time, they searched the offices and had a nice little chat with the two groups.

Yes, they had search warrants.

First Newsweek gets raided in the US. Now two of the largest newspaper chains in Canada are paid a visit for different reasons…

But once upon a time, when outlets got searched and served warrants, it was because they were uncovering government corruption, and they were being searched to see who were their sources; so those leaks could get plugged.

Now, it is happening for vastly different reasons…

Your tax dollars at waste: Competition Bureau to pretend to look into Torstar-Postmedia swap. Do not hold your breath.

Ever wonder why your Canadian dollar is valued at so little and your taxes are so high?

Well, because there are endless exercises to appeal the Middle Classes here. Too many make work programs for the bored folks up in Ottawa, and now the Competition Bureau is going to look into the massive swap between Torstar and Postmedia.

This is a joke. Torstar has nothing to worry about.


And neither has Postmedia.


When it comes to media concentration, the Canadian government has spent good cash money being absolutely useless.

You cannot expect anything to be different this time, either. It does not matter what government body you are dealing with, the results are always the same.

Journalism in this country was always fragile, but now the rate of decline is rapidly increasing.

Consider it a done deal.

It would be more honest if the Competition Bureau admitted it is useless, has no teeth, and ergo, will not spend taxpayers’ money on a farce; so that the Middle Class can understand the reality of the situation, the truth about what is happening so they know where they truly stand, and that there is no group of benevolent and efficient servants called They who will clean up the mess so that Everything Will Work Itself Out In The End. Not happening.

And the cataclysm continues unimpeded.